Monday, December 13, 2010

A Chilly Start to December in St. Petersburg

Wednesday, December 1st, turned cold and windy with morning temperatures on Thursday in the low to mid-40’s. And, of course, the heater in the boat decided it didn’t want to work! But we dressed warm, plugged in the space heater and survived just fine.

On Friday we rode to Tampa with Cathy, who was on her way to work, and were then picked up by Lisa who took us to her & Steve’s home in Lutz, north of Tampa, to spend the weekend.

Late that afternoon we drove to the ranch where Steve & Lisa board their two horses, Dakota and Ireland, for a brief ride. Todd grew up around horses and was quite comfortable on his horse, Derby (on loan from another boarder). I, on the other hand, was never really around horses and haven’t been near one in something like 35 years, so Lisa put me on Ireland who was very well behaved.

Getting Derby saddled up and ready to ride.



Doesn’t he look like a natural?


Ireland patiently waits while the novice climbs aboard.



After the horses had been fed and put to pasture, we stopped at Vallarta’s for some great Mexican food and margaritas. Then it was back to the house for several games of Catch Phrase where the girls definitely ruled!


The Captain wraps up to try and stay warm.


Saturday it was back to the ranch for more horseback riding. Lisa is on Sara (also on loan), Steve is on Dakota, Todd is on Derby and I am on Ireland.

Mounted and ready to go.


Out into the field.




First they eat…


…and then they poop!


Into the ravine we go!


Steve catching up on e-mail while Dakota eats her dinner. Is this what they call a “Modern Day Cowboy?”


Lisa prepared chili for dinner Saturday evening and then Todd proceeded to kick all our butts in a game of Uno.

Can you tell that Alabama fans live here? Roll Tide Roll!!!


Sunday I rode back to the ranch with Lisa while Todd and Steve hung out at the house, working (Steve) and napping (Todd). That evening Steve ordered pizza for dinner, followed by another game of Uno.

The happy couple relaxing on the couch.


Steve took off Monday morning to catch a flight to frigid Chicago and Lisa brought us back to Cathy’s on her way to conduct a store visit in the area.

Even though it had warmed up over the weekend, a cold front hit Sunday night, bringing with it more north wind and cold temps. So we spent the remainder of the week hanging on the boat, working on a variety of projects, and trying to stay warm.

On Saturday Cathy and I went out to do a little shopping and she treated me to my first ever manicure and pedicure. What an unexpected treat – thank you, Cathy! That evening the three of us went over to Gulfport to watch the boat parade. The parade didn’t amount to much but we had a fun evening and some great food at O’Maddy’s.

While we were there, we were serenaded with Christmas songs by several foursomes who were passing through as part of a scavenger hunt. If nothing else, they were definitely entertaining!






Sunday brought rain, strong winds and progressively colder temperatures throughout the day. A good day to stay at home and knock out a few chores.

Brenda and Cathy doing a little mending and ironing!


Today is Monday, December 13th, and the high in St. Pete will struggle to reach 50. But it’s off to Missouri where the over night low was six degrees with a wind chill of minus six and a balmy daytime high of 20. Now that’s just brutal!!!

As we conclude this blog update, we want to wish all our friends and family safe travels and a very Merry Christmas! We hope to post our final blog update of 2010 after Christmas and prior to the beginning of the New Year. Happy Holidays everyone!!!